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ArchiMetaverse Pro 2.0 Trypophobia

Project type

Immersive Reality




Digital Open World - metaverse


Architecture Lead: Mariana Cabugueira
Architecture Assistant: Davide Tessari
Environment Art and ArchViz: Laura Massot
Avatar Design and Cinematics: Buse Simon; Kajetan Szostok
Project Director: Mariana Cabugueira

ArchiMetaverse Pro 2.0 invites Architects and Designers to empower Cognitive Health Practices through Virtual Reality. The psyco-niche is PHOBIAS, the therapy is Systematic desensitization. How to address human’s peculiar phobias by gradually exposing them to their virtual experience? Fear of heights, thalassophobia, claustrophobia, fear of mirrors, trypophobia, arachnophobia – the list goes on. This will be a exciting controlled JOURNEY in a space designed and curated by you and your team.

In traditional Phobis therapy systematic desensitization involves a gradual approach to the phobia object - done by visual or physical approximation - this requires the state of hypnosis: the therapist conducts a fictional scene in which the phobia object is present.

Virtual reality in Cognitive improvement is a major industry breakthrough for immersion therapy. The patient is no longer unconscious in hypnosis but is living a controlled environment, vividly - as the brain believes in what it sees, therapy is fast and more effective. The environment is set and digitally tracked by the therapist or user; the recordings of the journey are analysed together; From now on the patient can practice solo and at pocket distance, as homework and with regularity, tracking progress and accomplishing goals.

For AMP 2.0 Architecture Project we have picked TRYPOPHOBIA - the fear of holes.

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