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The Royal Chess Set

Project type

Luxury Product Design


Designer and Manufacturing Control


White, Black and Gold Brass; Polished and Satin finishes






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The Royal Chess Set is a luxury product designed as a statement piece for your Home or Luxury store.

This set stands out for its detailed design, fluid lines, a little larger than your normal chess set, making each piece fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. Each piece holds a metal weight and smooth texture of polished and brushed brass.

This Chess Set is not just a game, it is a sophisticated and elegament statement for your space. Perfect for any home decor, the set was designed to bring an instant touch of class and status.

We take care of the manufacturing process, ensuring top-notch quality through our partnership with one of the most experienced metal casters in the world. We ship worldwide, bringing luxury straight to your door. The Royal Chess Set – contact for a quote.

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