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Wilder World, Era 3: Wiami Metaverse City

Project Type

Metaverse Architecture and Design


Architecture and Art Director


Wilder World



Architecture Typologies

High-Rise; Mid-Rise; Low-Rise; Super Tall and Mega Tall Buildings; Exterior and Interior Architecture; Landscape and Urban Design of full urban Areas under Era 3 Vision

Architecture Team

Architect Director: Mariana Cabugueira
Head-Lead Architect and Designer: Juan Senatore Montiel
Lead Architect, Partnership's Architect and Designer:lMaria Touloupou
Environment Artist: Paul Pislea

Era 3 was a Digital World and Vision designed for Wilder World by a World-Class Architects and Designers.

Era 3 World aim was to create the Future of the inevitable Digital City and the Future of our inevitable Digital Society.

It ran on the ambition of a futuristic take on Urbanity and Civilization that rises collectively after a moment in History of loneliness, confusion, foggyness and slight darkness.
Era 3 is the Future that comes after selfishness and destruction, one that Builds, doesnt destroy, re-creates and doesnt decay, inspires faith, togetherness, collective equality and yet anonimity -no star will rise, no soul is the under-dog.

In every street corner Era 3 breaths Freedom.

Era 3 Architect Director and vision: Mariana Cabugueira

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