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Wilder World, Trinity Islands

Project Type

Metaverse Architecture and Design Project


Architect, Creator and Designer


Wilder World



Architecture Typology

Public Cultural Architecture

Short Description

A digital Project created for Wiami shores, launched in the Trinity Season 2023. This project is only visually unlocked by the holders of 3 Wilder World Genesis NFT. Access and Visibility is reestricted to all the remain. These are the main 3 Landmarks and Icons of Wiami Metaverse City and therefore they take teh same and meaning of Mythological Gods and Goddess.

An exclusive Digital Island composed by three Mega Buildings, each one representing one God or Goddess.
In order from the Land access:

Poseidon, God of Water - this Mega structure is inscribed in Wilder World Trinity Logo seen from top, looping and intertwined, the tower body rises like a trident from the ocean.

Norse and Nephthys, God of Wind and Goddess of the Air - This dancing tower captures the sensual and tumultuous dance between the two strong bodies of these two mythological entities; Their heads meet at the top, finally ''at peace''.

Gaia, Goddess of Earth - the most important God of time. The mother of nature and all living beeings. She is easily identifiable by the talest building in the shape of a Stem, blooming and stretching out towards the sun.

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