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The Hyperloop Desert Campus is a Research Lab, Museum and Learning center for the Hyperloop Technology located in the Mojave Desert. The Hyperloop technology aims to rewrite the means of transportation in ways that are energy, time, budget and ecologically friendly and sustainable and the Hyperloop Desert Campus building aims the same integration in nature and tech, seemlessly combining technology and the natural identity of Nevada.


Four circular courtyards introduce greenery and self-sustainable networks, with palm trees symbolising oases. Visitors and workers explore a fluid journey through natural and digital spaces, blurring the line between public and private areas.


Project type: Architecture Competition Proposal

Date: 2019


Location: Nevada Desert

HDC_Hyperloop Technology Museum.jpg
HDC_Amphitheater Courtyard and Public Entrance.jpg
HDC_Design Concept.jpg
HDC_Evening View.jpg
HDC_Facade Elevations.jpg
HDC_Concept Courtyards Views.jpg
HDC_Museum Entrance.jpg
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