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Wilder World, Wiami Metaverse City: Urban Planning

Project Type

Metaverse Urban Planning


Architect and Art Director


Wilder World

Urban Dimensions

Miami, Florida sqm


In progress

Short Description

Wiami is a Metaverse City recreated on the original terrain and OSM data of the city of Miami, Florida.
Part of its recreation and redesign work is to rethink today's urban Miami and inspire the future Digital-City version. Wiami is the future of a city that lives IRL with a clear character and clean urban dynamics.
It is part of this Urban Planning strategy to continue Miami urban identity and yet to elevate it to the future of WEB 3; new activities, new architectural languages and new social dynamics, all these take shape in virtual new spaces.

How do we behave digitally? What types of spaces host these behaviors?

Planning a new urbanity begins with a critical analysis of the current city network that grew organically, super imposed by a road network. Post-Analysis work continues to develop new proposals that points a finger on the urban scars left by the modern road, rationalises them, replaces the new voids with grand new green spaces.

The new digital green spaces have the same effect as the physical ones, of freedom and lightness; nature meets man once again.

Metaverse Urbanity also addresses a new real estate market in web 3. We have to start by critically analyzing the hierarchically different urban typologies with different market values that we establish when building cities and adapting them to the digital world. What are the comfortable dimensions of a house? How much is it worth and what are the most valuable goods it offers? Let's start by asking: what do we do there, on digital buildings? Does form follow function? What is the hierarchy of values in a digital city?

Urban Planning Wiami is an exercise in rethinking, provocation and a certain conventionality of imagining a city that lives with radically different functions, but that is still inhabited by highly conventional people, us.

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