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our Mission

[MS] Studios has in its core mission the expansion of the Architect's role to the future of design in Architecture and to the future of tech in Architectural Design. Built from a unique professional experience in these two different fields - architecture and tech - this team of Architects has the knowledge, the experience and the skills to build large scale structures in physical sites and the know-how to design and team-build for immersive digital spaces - which will be inevitably the future for all current two-dimentional sites.

The Architecture of the future is wanted fluid, organic and adapted to us, the most organic of beings, the process and workflow is wanted Parametric and optimised, naturally powered by high-end, AI,  computational tools.

''The Future of Architecture relies undoubtedly on the future of Design. The Future of both, Architecture and Design, is happening in the physical world as much as in the digital one. For both, digital and physical, the technological driving force will be AI and the most current Architect has the sole ability to run them all.''

- Mariana Cabugueira on [MC] Studios 2023 UH Studio Architecture Podcast

Join us Designing the Future.

our Founder

MARIANA CABUGUEIRA is the Architect Director, Award Winner and Founder of  [MC] Studios - Mariana Cabugueira Studios.

Mariana holds a Master's in Architecture and Urbanism from Lisbon's FAL School and the Politecnico di Milano, alongside a Master's in Architectural Design Research from Architectural Association - DRL in London, cementing her as an Architectural Designer.

As a Senior Architect at Zaha Hadid Architects, for over 5 years Mariana contributed to the design of iconic projects like the Navi Mumbai Airport and the Tower C in Shenzhen. In 2022, she was the Leader and Art Director of the Architecture Department at Wilder World - an international web3 company - shaping the metaverse City, Wiami.

Founding Mariana Cabugueira Studios in 2022, she's driving evolution in architecture and digital design. [MC] Studios was created to bridge the physical and the digital in the architecture practice, particularly within the rapidly emerging web3 immersive spaces, known as the metaverse.


Mariana is also an Academic teacher, Head Tutor, and Research Studio Director of the Design Research Studio ArchiMetaverse Pro.
With a global impact as an influe
ntial speaker worldwide Mariana has won the Digital Futures Award in 2023.

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Mariana Cabugueira Custodio dos Santos

2018 - 2023 CV

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