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APRIL 2024

archimetaverse pro


Real-Time Open Worlds
Design Research Studio


Mariana Cabugueira workshop series


ArchiMetaverse Pro 2.0 - Online Studio

Sunday sessions, APRIL 2024 to JUNE 2024


First timers, Beginners and Intermediate

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16:00 - 20:00 GMT

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Live Online 

Classes are recorded and shared 


25 Seats

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Autodesk Maya + Unreal Engine 5.3 + MetaHumans

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Studio Description

The ArchiMetaverse Pro 2.0 is the unrivaled workshop that introduces you to the workflow and methodologies necessary for designing and building immersive digital spaces in web3 landscapes, otherwise known as the metaverse. Whether you are an aspiring architect or designer or simply curious about the digital industry of metaverse, this workshop offers the exceptional opportunity to learn the tools and the workflow behind metaverse-building with professionals that have build and designed metaverse landscapes.

Studio Goals

Metaverse-Design and Build requires the workflow involving two main teams: the design team, consisting on the geometry creators and environment artists - and the second team, the developpers team. A traditional relationship between an architect and a developer is one of co-dependency - in our conventional practice it translate in the architect and engineer relation. On the metaverse industry these two teams also exist and operate within two distinct softwares environments, the lack of knowlwedge of one group about the other's softwares re-inforces this co-reliance. Both environment artists and developers work within the same landscape. The architect is solo in software bubble.


What if we told you can learn the skills to reduce the dependency on developpers and env. artists to operate on the metaverse? What if we told that this workshop is dedicated to teaching these skills? The Goal of this studio is to introduce the architect to the metaverse developer's tools; equip them with the necessary skill set for environmental art, and all this while mastering a high-end software for fluid geometry-design. Autodesk Maya x Unreal Engine 5 x MetaHumans, the ultimate combo for Metaverse Design and Build.

 The Mission of the ArchiMetaverse Pro Studio is to make the architect and designer the most well aquiped, self-suficient experts to operate and thrive in the soon-to-be most invaluable site on Earth: the web3 digital domain.

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Studio Brief

The first edition of our metaverse studio, Meta Fluid Studio, focused on a multi-author masterplan, while the second focused on web3 company headquarters. The third Studio centered on crafting Meta Mansions for affluent clients. Now, in this season, our focus has shifted towards addressing the rising demand in the digital industry that places community well-being at its core. These growing companies are dedicated to mental health, emotional defense, healing, and providing a mental sanctuary, which has become the new gold of our era.


2023 has been a year market by significant turmoil, the importance of self-mental-protection became evident, increasing the demand for strategies promoting mental stability. Health apps have never been so popular and digital therapy has never been so established. Although very propular these services are still limited to 2 dimensions, limiting the effectiveness of their concept. The evolution of technology is leading to a most desired digital-tridimensionality and these therapies will in no time reach its true potential of healing in immersive digital spaces. Currently, clients are seeking solutions with metaverse and web 3 builders that can help them pioneering into the future 3D digital landscape.


The ArchiMetaverse Pro, 2.0 invites Architects to elevate the digital industry of mental-health in a new digital product, a service or a project that compliments a phsyical structure or elevantes a digital app of community-gathering and minfulness. The common landscape for all projects is a digital tropical environment. Their client differs amongst the most affluent digital companies that serve community with health, shelter, retreat, strength or mind stability - an Inner Sanctuary.

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Final Project

Over12 weeks and 6 classes, you will learn how to design fluid, organic spaces in Autodesk Maya, create and curate environments in Unreal Engine, and master both third-person and first-person perspectives. You will learn how to design MetaHumans, integrate gameplay and purpose on a metaverse project; and in the end produce all the documentation necessary to sell this project to a community and a client. 

Teams will aim to complete controlled design projects in both Maya and Unreal Engine, and by the end of the AMP studio deliver a fully-ready metaverse project in all 3 formats: u.e model, highres visuals, walk-trough videos - in first and in third person perspective.

If you complete all 6 class tutorials, work with consistency with your team, trust in the process, you will finish with this and much more.

Disrupt the conventional norms of our profession and Join Us.

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Character Design Integration

The ArchiMetaverse Pro Studio is shaking things up by introducing Character Design into our learning mix and making it a key part of the final project. We're breaking ground on this front among designers and architects. Teams will be diving into the challenge of creating a virtual character that's not just any character—think highly realistic and lifelike vibes, courtesy of the well-known virtual humans platform, Metahumans. Teams get to pick: either keep it simple by linking up Metahumans with Unreal Engine, or go all out and craft a fully customized digital character with the Character Design Tutor. Picture a workflow that jumps between reality capture, Metahumans, Unreal Engine blueprints, Substance Painter for custom materials, and the nitty-gritty of animation and rigging.

As the project unfolds, a character takes center stage. Teams get to hash out who this character is and decide just how much effort they're throwing into the build.

Buse Simon will be your Character Design Head Tutor, teaching you both workflows. Check our Avatar below, thats the bench mark.

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