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Watch the 4hr Final Presentation of the ArchiMetaverse Pro Final Presentations

The event was streamed LIVE, with half team present in London and other half digitally present, over 70 people watching live; 4 experts in the field of Metaverse and Architecture present and commenting as Guest-Juries: Silvia Rueda, Eduardo Camarena, Irfan Bhakrani, Chhavi Mehta, from Zaha Hadid Architects, DaeWha Design, Heatherwick Studios.


WHAT TO EXPECT: ArchiMetaverse Pro is a Design, Build, Research Studio part of [MC] Studios, debuting last year with the Resort Edition 1.0. The studio is composed by 30 people from all around the world, paired up in teams with the common goal to develop a virtual project/product each. For 3 months, studio reviews and software tutorials run every Sunday, with tutorials taught from scratch for Autodesk Maya as the main 3d design tool, Unreal Engine as the world building tool, and metaHumans with Substance Painter for Avatar design. Instructors Laura Massot, Buse Simon, Mariana Cabugueira.


This year received 94% working professionals, 6% students, most of them architects, game designers, graphic designers, 96% learning from level 1 and 0 Autodesk Maya, Unreal Engine, MetaHumans and Substance Painter. If not for this data or for the quality of the instructors, after 4 Metaverse-design Studios, it is clear and astonishing to note that this Studio has never reached this exceptional level of Distinction. We are proud to show them to you.


WHAT IS IT ABOUT: ArchiMetaverse Pro 1.0 brief advocates for virtual reality as a game-changer instrument to improve the Cognitive Healthcare industry and digital-immersive environments as the right digital field for it.

Each ArchiM Pro team picked a relevant research topic within the Cognitive Health industry which is already using digital aiding tools (apps, websites, XR) or could benefit from using them. For the past months they have been designing and building UE worlds that upgrade these current two-dimensional methods; from digitally exposing patients to their spatial phobias; to helping regulate social anxiety through phygital events; to emotion's and brainwave's regulation and empowerment; to simulate south America's famous soul's journey through psychedelics - Ayahuasca.

It is clear, for 2024 Digital Reality is proving its complementary role in advancing the Cognitive Healthcare Industry, this while making waves in the Tech World.

Architects and Designers have joined the cause.


[MC]Studios🟣ArchiMetaverse Pro Studio, the Final Presentation RECORDING

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