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ArchiMetaverse Pro Luxury Villa/Resort

ArchiMetaverse Pro Luxury Resort

Project Type

Hybrid Homes; Physical and Digital, VR Ready Projects


Architect Director, Creator and Designer


Space and Environment Art: Laura Massot
Avatars and Cinematography: Buse Simon



Architecture Typology

Private Villa and Guests; Luxury Mindful Resort; for Private or Public digital events


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The Hybrid Practice of Architecture proves its concept with the ArchiMetaverse Pro Luxury Resort.

An immersive digital world designed & built in Real-Time Open World, simultaneously READY to lay foundations in the Physical one. Commission your House, receive its digital twin in return. Create together with Architects as you experience it; launch pre-opening digital parties; host private or public digital events, for ticket holders or for private guests.

This Resort is being developed to prove the concept of what is Future is going to be for Architecture and for its clients.

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