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the meta resort edition

Mariana Cabugueira's workshop Studio is BACK.

ArchiMetaverse Pro, the Meta Resort edition is a workshop dedicated to Designers and Architects who want to learn how to design and build the multi and metaverse. Seats are limited.

Registrations are Open


Simina Ioana, Bucarest

“Thank you so much for this amazing experience! I am super excited with the result and the award! Your teaching is amazing."
Fluidity in Motion course

Yasman Amirzehni, Iran

''It was a great experience to learn from you Mariana. I really enjoyed the course and learned a lot. thank you so much.!''
Module 1 | The Villa course

Will Garner, UK

''Awesome workshop! Definitely one of the best i've attended. The pace was perfect. Thank you!!''
Module 2 | The Tower Intermediate

Jan Wilk, Poland

''Amazing workshop! The possibilities of the software demonstrated by Mariana opens up completely new possibilities. The knowledge gained from the course is invaluable. I highly recommend it to everyone.''
Module 3 | The Tower Advanced

Feren Linds, Palestine

''Dear Mariana. I am filled with gratitude as I reflect upon the time spent in your course. Your exceptional communication skills allowed me to easily understand even the most complex concepts. Your patience and dedication to teaching enabled me to learn and grow. I am excited to share that I have recently participated on a competition. Your expert teaching has given me the confidence and knowledge to take on this challenge. Thank you for being such an incredible teacher. Your ability to explain and your unwavering patience have had a profound impact in my learning experience. I am forever grateful to your guidance.''
Full Bundle Course
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Previous Studios

Leo Ali, UK

“Thank you you for helping me/us learn the software I have always wanted to, in a clear, precise beautiful manner. With such a project it created a particular motivation to make as strong as possible. That stems from the format that you've created. Thank you for teaching us how to teach also. Its been a thrill to design for the Metaverse."

Amal G, Saudi Arabia

''I learned all Maya and Unreal from you. You truly have the power for teaching''
Meta-Fluid Studio 1.0

Matt Asboth, UK

''We really liked the whole studio period, we were able to learn a lot in a short time and looking back on the 12-16 hours of modeling, it will remain an eternal memory in our archi memory. Looking forward for the next course with you!!''

Deeksha Basawaraj, India

''Thank you so much for the wonderful experience Mariana absolutely LOVED the workflow''
Meta-Fluid Studio 2.0

Reem Bamanie, Saudi Arabia

''Each time I have been your student you have shown me that my capabilities knows no limits! You have become an ideal and a shining example of a true architect, ispiring me to push boundaries and defy limitations. Your influence has made a lasting impact on my journey, and I am forever grateful for your guidance. Thank you for being a guiding lightand reminding me that the world of architecture offers endless possibilities.''

ex student of the MasterClass bundle
Meta-Fluid Studio 3.0

Muhammed Shawket, Egypt

''I am immensely grateful of being taught by an incredibly talented architect like you. You've shown me the true essence of architect and how to shape any form I desire. Your expertise and passion have inspired me to think creatively and push boundaries. Thank you for your patience, individual attention and belief in my abilities. You have not only taught me architecture but have also shaped me as an individual. Your commitment to excellence and inovation will forever guide my work.'' 
Meta-Fluid Studio 3.0

Guillermo Rage, Mexico

''I don't have words enough to express how much your guidance has meant to me. It has been an incredible honour to learn from someone as extraordinary as you, I am truly grateful for the opportunity. Having you witness and appreciate my work meant the world to me. And thefact that I could learn from you at the same time made it even more remarkable. You are not only an amazing mentor but a genuine inspiration. Your dedication, knowledge and unwavering support have pushed me to believe in myself and strive for grateness.''
Meta-Fluid Studio 3.0


the meta resort edition

limited seats

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