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Fluidity in Motion, The Concert Hall

Fluidity in Motion, the Concert Hall

Project type

Architecture and Design Proposal


Lucerne City (Swiss Alps view)


Director and Lead Designer


Artist Chantal Matar


1,200 px

Project type

Public and Cultural building


Total Area 7200 m2; Main Concert Hall and Ammenities 1200 m2

The Concert Hall is a project developed for both the physical and digital worlds, hosting live musical concerts on its physical stage and transmitting the immersive experience of music and space to WEB3 platforms.

Its shell-inspired body was designed based on the Golden Ratio of the Nautilus shell in nature, ensuring a solid parametric outer shell. Structurally Swirling through structural ribbons, small openings create parametri pockets allocating the Concert Hall private balconies, with a privilege view. This parametric shell shape has been proven to benefit and enhance the sound journey, creating a fantastically magical and atmospheric experience for those attending a concert inside this shell's body.

The Fluidity in Motion Concert Hall has not yet been built. It will be holding on for its opportunity to lay grounds and foundations for something fantastical.

Project architects: Mariana Cabugueira

Collaboration: Artist Chantal Matar

Rendered by: [MC] Studios

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