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Nucleus, the Hyperloop Desert Campus

Project type

Architecture and Design Proposal




Lead Designer

Project Type

Public and Private Structure

Short Description

Located in the Nevada Desert, Nucleus' iconic circular courtyards, surrounded by lush greenery and palm trees, create a unique oasis that blends this building subtly in the desert ground. Spiraling upwards, the structure reflects speed, much like the Hyperloop, with circular corridors reminiscent of highways. It houses various programs including museum, classrooms, offices, laboratories, the hyperloop 1:1 prototype, observatory, amphitheater, public arenas, 5-star restaurant, private apartments, gym, swimming pool and wellness center.

The Hyperloop Desert Campus is a public and private unique infrastructure in the Mojave Desert, serving as a Research Laboratory, Museum and Learning Center dedicated to advancing the Hyperloop Tech. With a focus on energy efficiency, sustainability and seamless integration with the Nevada landscape, the project combines technology and natural features seamlessly in one design masterpice.

The multinodal pattern and integrated design system improve adaptability, ensuring long-term functionality. Featuring solar panels for power, rainwater collection systems and a commitment to passive ventilation, the building prioritizes resilience and resource efficiency.

The project offers a fluid journey through natural and digital spaces, seamlessly blending the public and private spheres.

Project Architects:
Mariana Cabugueira
Begum Aydinoglu
Juan Carlos Naranjo

Lina Celis, Left Angle Partnership, Pada Labs

Renders by:
Metrica Visuals

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