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Metaverse Architecture Biennale 2023 by MC Studios

Your Digital Footprint:
The Incognito and the Eternal Pavilion
Built on

Your Digital Footprint, 1st Metaverse Architecture Biennale '23

Project Type

Open-World Metaverse Pavilions - Invited Exhibitor


Architect Director and Lead: Mariana Cabugueira
Architects and Designers: Davide Tessari, Jan Wilk

Short Description

3 online Worlds, Designed and Built by Architects for the first Metaverse Biennale. Each Digital Pavilion represents your unique digital footprint, they are connected by portals.
Launch 17 September
Over 450 unique account visits during the event



Your Digital-Footprint is a virtual pavilion that reflects our cyberspace journey, subtly constructing an online self. We've moved beyond an exclusive physical identity; creating a memorable self for your future legacy is no longer confined to the physical world.

In today’s era, every online minute contributes to shaping your digital self. No it doesn’t need face and no it doesn't require an avatar, it's preserved in every data fragment you leave behind in your online wake, right now, with each ticking second. Every scroll, every comment, every website visited, every accepted and even unaccepted cookie, whether public or incognito, you're consistently leaving a connected digital trace of You. This pavilion reminds you that just because you don't perceive it doesn't mean there's no impact from your online deeds. An online version of You is evolving, currently hidden but destined to outlive you. Your daily physical self may fade, yet the digital version will be preserved indefinitely; it's the way you'll be recalled and revisited in the future as they will write your name.

Be conscious, be compassionate.

Throughout your journey, there is a secret feature embedded within the game; this is a part of our Easter egg quest. There are four Moneyshot Sparks situated in each pavilion on W3rlds. These Sparks indicate designated spots for capturing the best screenshots of the pavilions. Locate all four, capture your screenshots, story them on IG, tag us using #mb23mc, and you will receive your own 3D POAP. Note that Number 4 isn't easy – best of luck. We'll see you there!

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