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Mykonos Private Luxury Villa

Mykonos Private Luxury Villa

Project Type

Private Luxury Housing


Architect Director and Designer




Private Concept Comission


25 000 m2 - including Main Villa, Landscape Gardens, Public and Private Pool, Outdoor Areas and property

Short Description

This is a private luxury Home/Studio for an Artist Resident. The Villa is located in a remote area, surrounder by the beautiful shores of Mykonos. The Villa encompasses the Main House secluded for the Artist private dwelling, a Sculpture Workshop, indoors and outdoors, and exhibition gallery, and a third area for Guests and Social Entertaining.

The Mykonos Private Luxury Villa is a project proposal for a Sculpture Artist, located a remote area in Mykonos. The Villa is comprised by three clear arms, each with a private function and luxury ammenities and its dedicated outdoors areas around it.

Unique features and ammenities:
Art Studio and Workshop: a dedicated space for the sculpture artist to create and showcase their artwork. This could includes ample natural light, storage for art supplies, and display areas for finished pieces.

Gallery and Exhibition Space: a gallery area to showcase the artist's sculptures on a separate designated area within the villa.

Outdoor Sculpture Garden: sculptures displayed around the pool and sun-bed area

High Ceilings and Large Open Spaces: all living areas have high ceilings and open spaces to accommodate large sculptures

Guest Pool: a luxurious swimming pool for guests

Outdoor Spaces with natural elements of Mykonos Fauna complementing the sculptures

Smart Home Tech: smart home systems for climate control, lighting, and security

Art Storage: storage areas for sculptures

Entertainment Spaces: Design entertainment areas, home theater, outdoor entertainment space
Spa and Wellness: sauna, hot tub for relaxation and rejuvenation

MasterBedroom and Master Ammenities for the Villa Resident.

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